V skladu z ZEKom-1 vas moramo opozoriti, da to spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, s katerimi vam omogočamo boljšo uporabniško izkušnjo. Več informacij najdete v naših Pravilih o rabi piškotkov.
Dovolili ste, da se na vašo napravo naložijo piškotki. To nastavitev lahko kadarkoli spremenite s klikom na gumb "Raba piškotkov".
Zavrnili ste uporabo piškotkov. To nastavitev lahko kadarkoli spremenite s klikom na gumb "Raba piškotkov".
Pirs za Android
Pirs Adaffix
General search

The Pirs program enables data search on all subjects included in the Business Directory of the Republic of Slovenia. You just have to enter one piece of information in the field »Search«, and the program will search for the subjects that meet the selected search criteria.

If the search result does not meet your needs, you can also use search by advanced criteria.
You may enter one or more words into the search field, and Pirs will always search by the word root.



You can enter one or more words in the search field »Search« (we recommend you to enter, instead of the whole word, only its typical part, i.e. word root). When searching by entering more words, you can use also logical operators.

When to use logical operators?

You use logical operators in the frame of general search if you want to find more companies by different words, i.e. roots, with one search.

NOTE: When planning your search, do not forget that by using the general search your search is limited to the following data types.

You can always check the type of data (1) you are looking through the general search, by clicking the button (2) which is placed to the right side of the search field.


Practical hints

  • Browser does not react to capital (small) letters, so there is no difference between »Alojz« and »alojz«.

  • If you separate the words by gaps, the program will search for the companies which contain under data types included in the general search as search data, all the specified words at the same time (this is the so-called conjunction of conditions).

  • If you separate the words with disjunction sign | (the combination of AltGr+w), the program will search for the companies containing at least one of specified words. So it finds all the companies containing the word »Alojz« or »Novak« among their company data.

  • You can also intensify the search by using round brackets which define the order or the method of integration. In the case below the program will find the subjects, where the word Novak and at least one of the words Janez or Alojz, will appear in the search field at the same time. (Possible gaps to the left or right of the sign | would not be wrong, but a gap in front of the word Novak is obligatory).


  • If you enter the sign # (»ladder«) in front of the word, the program will search for all the entries which do not contain the specified word (the sign # does not work as a »logical NO«). Enter # and Novak (#Novak) into the search field and run the search. The results will display all the subjects without the word Novak among their data.