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Creating and editing E-catalogue

E-catalogue can be edited by an authorized administrator of the company in Pirs.

For e-catalogue editing select the company you are authorized for. Click on the name of the company and Company Identity Card will open. Choose the tag »E-catalogue« (1). If you are an authorized administrator, the link to »E-catalogue editing« (2) will be displayed, otherwise ask for authorization rights by clicking the link »Authorization request« among »Pirs accessories« in the Company Identity Card.

A window opens where you can edit products in e-catalogue. The products can be divided into two tabs:
  • Published (3) – products which are displayed among your company data,
  • Archived (4) – products which are ready to be displayed in Pirs, but are not displayed yet.

Products are edited with the following functions:

  •  – add and prepare the contents of a new product (6),
  •  – edit the contents of presentation of the already created product (7),
  •  – remove or delete the product from the system (8).

Product creation

By clicking a window opens for defining the contents related to individual product presentation. The data marked with an asterix are obligatory.

Special attention should be given to the category »Activity
(9), product or service« where a certain product belongs to according to its nature. You can choose one of them offered in the descending list or search for the activity through the code list by clicking .

When all the contents and parameters are set, click the button »Save« and the product will be displayed in Pirs from that moment on.

The right to edit e-catalogue is given only to an authorized administrator of the company for a specified period of time.